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How to stay safe during heavy rain, lightning and tornadoes

Storms sweeping across the central U.S. beginning on April 15 could inundate as many as 40 million Americans with large hail, high-speed winds and even tornadoes, meteorologists warned Monday. Weather — from heat to cold to tornadoes and rip currents — was responsible for 869 deaths and 1,200 injuries in 2022, according to the most […]

It’s 2024. Have you secured your emotional support water bottle?

It seems like everyone has a water bottle companion these days, with reusable thermoses — and especially certain tumblers — becoming the ultimate self-care accessory. They’re sustainable, economical, fashionable, even vital, but could there be more to the ultimate self-care accessory? Studies say upping your H20 intake can help curb anxiety and depression, allowing you […]

Clean your gutters with this clever tool, down to just $30

If there’s one chore that’s really easy to put off, it’s cleaning the gutters. It’s labor- and time-intensive, and it’s just plain gross. Even with gloves on, who wants to reach into a gutter and pull out wads of wet leaves, dirt and other crud? Well, maybe you don’t have to: With the Orbit Telescoping […]