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Colombia Plans to Boost Oil Output With a Drilling Push

(Bloomberg) — Colombia is targeting oil output of 1 million barrels per day by pressuring drillers to step up activity in underused exploration blocs, according to the nation’s top energy official. Most Read from Bloomberg The Andean nation is also taking steps to boost natural gas output, as its projections point to a shortfall by […]

Justice Samuel Alito’s wife said upside-down American flag was ‘an international signal of distress’ in 2021

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s wife previously said the inverted American flag flown at the couple’s house in January 2021 was “an international signal of distress,” The Washington Post reported Saturday, detailing an encounter during that time between the Alitos and a Post reporter outside the couple’s home. The flag was no longer displayed when the reporter, Robert Barnes, […]

Video of female Israeli soldiers’ abduction aired

STORY: Israeli television aired footage on Wednesday of five female army conscripts in their pajamas being seized by Hamas gunmen during the October 7 raid that triggered the Gaza war. The captives’ families agreed to air the previously withheld clips, in hope of stepping up pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree a truce […]

‘What we found was completely unexpected’

Scientists have discovered an enzyme function that could help engineer more climate-resilient crops, SciTechDaily reported. The researchers from The Australian National University and the University of Newcastle were studying cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, when they discovered a previously unknown function of an enzyme called carboxysomal carbonic anhydrase (CsoSCA). The enzyme, it turns out, […]

President warns new army officers to be ‘guardians of American democracy’

Joe Biden has called newly graduating US military officers the “guardians of American democracy” at a commencement speech at the elite West Point military academy in New York state, where the US president, without mentioning Donald Trump by name, gave strong warnings of unprecedented threats to US freedom. Biden, speaking in front of about 1,000 […]

Examining 3 Leading Dividend Stocks Yielding Up To 7.9%

As global markets show signs of resilience, with major U.S. indices like the Dow Jones and S&P 500 reaching new heights amidst moderating inflation concerns, investors may find solace in dividend stocks which provide potential income stability. In this context, examining leading dividend stocks yielding up to 7.9% could be particularly appealing for those looking […]

Florida Teen Driving BMW Leads 100-MPH Police Chase for ‘Fun’

Read the full story on The Auto Wire Florida Teen Driving BMW Leads 100-MPH Police Chase for ‘Fun’ In a daring episode that unfolded in Florida, a 19-year-old led law enforcement on a high-speed chase reaching speeds of 100 mph, not in an attempt to escape capture, but for the thrill of it, according to […]