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Here Are My Predictions for Inflation If Trump Wins

The 2024 election will be here before you know it, and economists are watching it closely. If Donald Trump wins a second term, some experts believe it could affect the trajectory of inflation in the United States — that a second Trump term would mean higher tariffs, higher deficits and other policies that would increase […]

Universe’s oldest known stars found in Milky Way’s ‘halo’

A team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered three of the oldest stars in the universe. To their surprise, the stars were not in some far off galaxy that only the ultra-powerful James Webb Space Telescope can spot. They are in our own galactic neighborhood inside the Milky Way’s “halo,” according to a study published May 14 in the […]

Ukrainian strike on Russian nuclear radar system causes alarm in West

A Ukrainian drone strike on a Russian radar station that can track nuclear missiles has sparked alarm in the West. Kyiv hit the Armavir radar station in the Krasnodar border region on May 23, damaging the state-of-the-art facility, which provides conventional air-defence as well as forming part of Moscow’s nuclear warning system. Ukrainian officials confirmed […]

Tech giant you’ve probably never heard of wants to put a data center in a shoebox build using 1000 3D superconducting chips — at 20 exaflops, it would be 20x faster than the most powerful supercomputer on Earth

Data center. To counter the strain on global energy resources due to accelerating computational demands – yes, AI, we’re looking at you – research institute imec is suggesting a radical shift away from traditional computing methods. Its solution, detaile in IEEE Spectrum engineering magazine, involves exploiting the fundamental properties of superconductors to greatly reduce energy […]

In Less Than a Decade, You’ll Wish You Bought a Home in These 14 Metros

stockphoto52 / Getty Images/iStockphoto Although the housing market is often spoken of in aggregate, the cost of living, variations, pricing and market performance can be very localized. For example, according to data from Zillow, the anticipated one-year growth rate for home prices in the U.S. is 1.7%, with a median price of $395,220 expected by […]

Court filings reveal new details in ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ lawsuit

BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A recent court filing reveals new details in a lawsuit against HGTV stars Dave and Jenny Marrs. Bentonville couple Matthew and Sarah McGrath filed a lawsuit in February 2023 claiming a house built for them a year earlier had numerous defects and the companies who built the home had breached […]