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Researchers report first sighting of newborn great white shark

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. Drone footage shot off the coast of Southern California may have revealed the first ever glimpse of a newborn great white shark in the wild. The 1.5-meter-long (5-foot-long) white shark was spotted on July 9, […]

As a Swiss Glacier Melts, a Trove of Invaluable Climate Data Is Being Lost

By analyzing ice collected from glaciers, scientists can study the past composition of the atmosphere and better understand how humans have altered the climate. But the rapid melting of ice may be compromising this critical data, according to a study of the Corbassière glacier in Switzerland. The Corbassière glacier on the Grand Combin massif is […]

Japanese moon probe back to work after sun reaches its solar panels

TOKYO (AP) — A Japanese moon explorer is up and running Monday after several tense days without the sunlight it needs to generate power. Japan’s first lunar mission hit its target in a precision touchdown on Jan. 20, but landed the wrong way up, leaving its solar panels unable to see the sun. But with […]

SpaceX launches first of 2 rockets today in Starlink doubleheader

SpaceX launched the first of two more batches of its Starlink internet satellites today (Jan. 28), as part of doubleheader liftoffs just hours apart. A Falcon 9 rocket topped with 23 Starlink spacecraft launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida today at 6:15 p.m. EST (2315 GMT). Another Falcon 9 will carry 22 […]

Flight controllers contact crippled Japanese moon lander

Japanese flight controllers re-established contact with the robotic SLIM lunar lander Saturday, eight days after the spacecraft tipped over and lost power as it was touching down on Jan. 19, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency announced Sunday. An engine malfunction moments before landing caused the Smart Landing for Investigating (the) Moon, or SLIM, spacecraft to […]

Watch the sun spew out a giant eruption of plasma in incredible footage (video)

Miguel Claro is a professional photographer, author and science communicator based in Lisbon, Portugal, who creates spectacular images of the night sky. As a European Southern Observatory Photo Ambassador and member of The World At Night and the official astrophotographer of the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, he specializes in astronomical “Skyscapes” that connect both Earth and the night sky.  On Feb. 22, […]

Science sleuths are using technology to find fakery and plagiarism in published research

Allegations of research fakery at a leading cancer center have turned a spotlight on scientific integrity and the amateur sleuths uncovering image manipulation in published research. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, announced Jan. 22 it’s requesting retractions and corrections of scientific papers after a British blogger flagged problems in early January. The […]

Mystery of Siberia’s giant exploding craters may finally be solved

Eight giant, 160-foot-deep (50 meters) craters in the Siberian permafrost have baffled scientists since their discovery more than a decade ago — but a new theory may finally explain how they formed. The craters are unique to Russia’s northern Yamal and Gydan peninsulas and are not known to exist elsewhere in the Arctic, suggesting the […]